Mar 16
Dear DiEM25 member,
Just a quick catch-up note to keep you posted on DiEM25’s recent activities.
On 23rd March DiEM25 went to Rome, to launch the movement in Italy and to inaugurate our TRANSPARENCY IN EUROPE, NOW! campaign.
The TRANSPARENCY IN EUROPE, NOW! campaign is a crucial part of our Manifesto’s three-stage agenda for democratising the European Union:
  1. First, we campaign for Europeans to know what their representatives are doing in Brussels and in Frankfurt on their behalf
  2. Then, once Europeans get a good look at what is going on in EU institutions (i.e. the comedy of errors unfolding in Council, the Eurogroup etc.), we can begin the campaign to reconfigure policies so as to stabilise Europe’s five crises: debt, banks, low investment, poverty & migration
  3. Finally, once stability has been attained, the debate leading to a European democratic constitution can commence.
This is why our TRANSPARENCY IN EUROPE, NOW! campaign is so important and why we need your active support, to sign the petition and to spread it: No transparency, no policy rethink, no stabilisation, no chance of a democratic EU constitution.
The good news is that, already, our campaign is bearing fruit. The President of the Eurogroup announced that some documents will be made available to the public while the European Commission has published some of the TTIP negotiation documents – two central demands of our petition. Of course, these are cosmetic changes that do very little to achieve proper transparency in EU decision-making. But it is a good start – as it shows that our campaign, even before it has begun properly, has managed to worry the powers-that-be sufficiently to motivate them to make some moves in the right direction.
Please share this petition in any way you can think of, including on Facebook, Twitter, forums, mailing lists and in personal messages to friends. (As an example of local initiatives, the Paris DSC is organising a stand where passers-by can sign the petition.)
Turning now to the Rome event that launched DiEM25 in Italy, you can watch the whole event here to get a flavour of the excitement and of DiEM25’s capacity to build bridges between all sorts of democrats and movements.
Let me finish this message with an invitation to join the Forum, where you can create a DSC (a DiEM25 spontaneous collective), organise a DiEM25 meeting in your area, and prepare for the next DiEM25 events that we shall be telling you about very, very soon.
Remember: DiEM25 is your movement. Take initiatives at will to promote our common values and aspirations, the aims and spirit of our Manifesto. Let no one tell you how to do this. Carpe DiEM25
Yanis Varoufakis
publicado por José Manuel Faria às 08:22

Março 2016




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